Journey Through Space-Are We Alone

Frank West Freelance Journalist Tuesday, January 18th 2022 Since the dawn of time humans have been obsessed with the stars and galaxies, we’ve constantly asked ourselves for thousands of years whether or not we are truly alone in our gigantic galaxy and universe. In modern times and with sophisticated technology we were able to obtain […]

The Traveling Journalists

The following images were taken by Frank W while in the field investigating a story in Pismo Beach, California. We will be making a “Traveling Journalist” segment for all images and videos we take while in the field. Frank got ahold of a whale story but unfortunately the whales have migrated and left before we […]

Data Mining In 2021- Many Companies Do It

Destiny Allajandra Investigative Journalist Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 06:00 pm pst Data mining in 2021 has been on-going massively, social media companies such as Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and many more are using analytic software to analyze and store our digital data. While we surf our time-line or news-feed these social media […]

Astronomers Discover A New Super Earth Exo Planet

Destiny Allajandra Investigative Journalist Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 02:00pm pst A new super-Earth exoplanet has been discovered by astronomers last week, these space watchers are now calling the newly discovered exoplanet “TOI-561b”. Astronomers believe that TOI-561B is a metal-poor planet and is believed to be located in the Milky-Way. Not only did they discover another […]

News Source Makes False Article And Creates Fake News

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Sunday, October 4th, 2020 A news source commonly known as Before Its News created a false/fake news article regarding vaccinations for Covid-19. The news media source publically published a news article stating that the United States Government has released their plans to force Covid-19 vaccinations on the populace and that the […]

Pedophiles On Social Media Platforms

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Monday, August 10th, 2020 In the last year or so I have seen an increasingly large amount of pedophiles and child molesters on social media. This is a growing issue within many communities as they are being saturated with disgusting filthy pictures of nude children. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, […]

The Watchers Network Podcast- New Episode Available Listen Now–News-An-Situations-e16er47 We are now uploading podcasts listen to our recent episode available on most podcast platforms. Link is safe to click and will bring you to our podcast episode. We hope you enjoy, share with friends and subscribe for future content. More articles to come soon. We also have a YouTube channel available here:

An Open Letter to Christians

Painting: ‘My Friend‘ by Helen Thomas Robson ( “You’ve heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I tell you: Do not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn and offer them the other one. If someone wants to […]

Journalists who are enemies of free speech

I worked for 40 years on newspapers. It was an enjoyable way to make a living.  I got paid to find things out and tell  about them. But I’m glad I retired when I did (at the end of 1998), which is when the downsizing of the news industry began. That’s tough enough.  But there’s […]

Hilarious Customer Reviews

Ever since I had the World’s Most Incompetent Dental Office nearly destroy my mouth last year, and wrote (if I don’t say so myself) a brilliantly snarky review, I’ve had a new appreciation for clever product reviews. You’ll need to click on these individually to read the actual reviews, or start the slide show, but […]

Paywalls and Local Journalism

I’ve gone through a long, roundabout journey in my news consumption. I started out by following my husband’s lead of following local TV stations and newspapers on Twitter. I kept up mostly via headlines and the limited amount of articles I was allowed to read by those stations and papers, and then graduated to free […]

The World in Our Mind

Experts lay the origin of certain mental health complaints squarely at the foot of one’s early life experiences. That said, can they really account for as much as is suggested? If not, should psychological interventions be tailored to take this thought into account? Environment and Genetics – Nature versus Nurture. Marsha hosts a Writer’s Quotes […]

Future Movie Settings

Historical Sites and Modes of Transportation Last week I posted photos of buildings and structures taken during daytrips with my co-producer wife to possible future movie settings (our “what can we do?” response to the COVID lockdown). Here, I continue with historical sites and modes of transportation we might possibly use for in-development period films […]

Quantum Technology

Quantum technology is a class of technology that works by using the principles of quantum mechanics (the physics of sub-atomic particles), including quantum entanglement and quantum superposition. A very common type of Quantum Technology is your Smartphone. Its semiconductors use quantum physics to work. Quantum computers are the ultimate quantum network, and are devices that can store and process quantum data (as opposed to binary data) with links that can transfer quantum information […]

Sufficiently Advanced Technology and Justice

Imagine that you’re serving on a jury, and you’re given an image taken from a surveillance camera. It looks pretty much like the suspect, but the image has been “enhanced” by an AI from the original. Do you convict? How does this weigh out on the scales of reasonable doubt? Should you demand to see […]

Peace With Justice: Inauguration Week 2021

Originally posted on I finished my morning prayer and meditation on the porch this morning and headed for the desk. I found this gem from Chalice Press in my inbox and had to share it with you all. Chalice Press is a great publisher with some amazing writers. In honor of this Martin… Peace […]

The Cost of Freedom in 2020

I wrote the words below after the 2016 U.S. elections. This year, the issues seem completely different. But are they? True, we’ve had four years of bluster from a man who believes not so much in conservative values as in “winning.” And true, the man who’s now poised to win the presidency speaks more in […]

Things You Didn’t Expect To See

Enjoy this gallery of the weird, the witty, the oddly cool and the (sometimes) unexpectedly beautiful. Why? Just because. Although, when it comes to things we hadn’t expected to see, nothing will ever top 2020. Except for maybe 2021. (Click on any image to enlarge it, to read caption, or to begin slide show) “Sometimes […]

Dr. King’s Legacy

Thought for the Week “In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline…we must rise […]

The Paranormal Realm & Ghostly Entities

Saturday, January 16th, 2021 10:50am Investigative Journalists At Daily News Made Simple Since the beginning of time humans have wondered if the paranormal and ghosts exists, many scientists and researchers have dug into this topic plenty of times throughout history to prove that it does exist or to disprove it. These individuals researched eye witness […]

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Amazon Alexa Echo Devices Is Spying On You

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Saturday, August 8th, 2020 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to talk a little about Alexa and Echo devices. In recent years technology has gradually been evolving into something that is great but can some of this technology be harmful or unsafe? The last thing anyone wants is […]

Coronavirus Chaos

Frank W. Investigative Journalist February 23, 2020 The Coronavirus has shown us in the last month that it is getting worse and the infection is spreading to neighboring countries. Recently, President Donald Trump was furious after he found out that two US citizens returned to the United States with the Coronavirus. After being segregated on […]

Journalist Morals An Values

Frank W. Investigative Journalist February 16, 2020 It is highly sought after that journalists remain truthful and stick to their morals, but what morals could a journalist have? We can only speak for ourselves and hope that other journalists follow, at DailyNewsMadeSimple we pride ourselves in reporting news that’s truthful, honest and with real facts. […]

Facebook Is Censoring People Worldwide

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Monday, February 3rd, 2020 Facebook is continuing to censor random people, their ads for businesses, and even Facebook business pages are being removed due to Facebook’s “new” censorship “campaign”. After a long research period, we came across an article stating that Facebook is growing in censorship due to political campaigns and […]

Local News Network Admits To Shotty Journalism

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 A local newspaper is known as the Frazier Mountain Enterprise recently had made a story that enraged the local community. They were investigating a story about a woman getting bit by a “wolf”, they failed to do proper in-field investigations and interviews that led to the following […]

Writing Tips New Authors Should Try Out

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Friday, December 20th, 2019 The best ways to write sometimes can be a little bit difficult or intimidating. Whether you are writing a book, articles for a blog or poems, these are the best habits to adopt. Having a somewhat quiet place to write can mean the difference between success and […]

Snow Resorts Are Open And Ready To Be Shredded

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Sunday, December 8th, 2019 Can’t wait to ride the mountain? There are multiple snow/ski resorts that are currently in operation throughout California. Most of the areas thankfully are powder, some locations, however, are machine groomed. If your searching for the good powder you might want to avoid Sierra-At-Tahoe in Twin Bridges, […]

Black Hawk Helicopter crashes in Minnesota Woods

Frank W. Investigative Journalist Saturday, December 7th, 2019 The tragic loss of three National Guardsmen occurred after a maintenance test flight went horribly wrong. Minnesota National Guard reported that the helicopter was carrying three soldiers, it took off on Thursday near Marty, Minnesota. The black hawk crashed down in the local wooded area of Marty, […]