Journey Through Space-Are We Alone

Frank West

Freelance Journalist

Tuesday, January 18th 2022

Since the dawn of time humans have been obsessed with the stars and galaxies, we’ve constantly asked ourselves for thousands of years whether or not we are truly alone in our gigantic galaxy and universe.

In modern times and with sophisticated technology we were able to obtain a plethora of data, we now have the answers to the one thousand-year-old question, are we alone?

Over the last ten years space agencies (NASA), astronomers, and Astrophysicists have gathered enough data about our galaxy that we may now have some answers. We’ve discovered hundreds of new exoplanets outside our solar system, some of which are more habitable than the earth itself which gives a good probability that we are not alone! We also have space probes out in our galaxy that help gather further information about these exoplanets in our universe.

It’s hard to believe that with that Many exo-planets roaming in the galaxy that we’re alone. There’s a higher probability of they’re being another civilization on one of these exoplanets and the probability goes up even higher with every new exoplanet discovery.

Some conspiracy theorists still believe to this day that extraterrestrials are already here on earth and that’s why we see the occurrences that we see in the skies and oceans. There have been many ufo (unidentified flying object) sightings on earth and many uso (unidentified submersible object) sightings in the oceans. Although, most of these claims could not be confirmed, and the proof was either doctored pictures or post edited videos. The United States Government has been picking through these sightings and confirmed some of them as being legit but not all of them. After all conspiracy theorists are never wrong? Many conspiracy theorists have been right in the past and they have done more investigations and found more evidence than the United States government but ultimately it’s up to you to decide.

Are we alone? Are extraterrestrials already here on earth? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment on this article.

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