Journalism In The New Age: What Everyone Should Know

Image created by Frank W.

Frank W.

Investigative Journalist

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 07:30 am PST

In today’s world journalism has been getting a bad reputation, with a huge thanks to mainstream media for causing it. Now, this article is briefly our opinion on mainstream media and the known issues that they have been causing. It’s no secret that mainstream media has been influenced by government officials, over the years we’ve seen it countless times that they are controlled by the government. In the journalism industry, no government should be involved for obvious reasons. Once any government has control over a news agency it’s no longer news. This has caused issues with the populace and public in the past and it will continue to cause issues in the future. The government will be relentless in controlling news media so they can control what they publish and what they tell the world. The public doesn’t trust the government and for good reason, so when you bring them into the news/journalism industry it completely discredits your agency and your morals. This is the reason why Daily News Made Simple will never do business with the government and will always remain freelancers.

Image created by Frank W.

When you read a news article or watch a news story on TV you expect that the source your watching or reading is credible and truthful. Within the last two years, we’ve seen multiple articles that were false information and multiple news stories that were false or extremely exaggerated. This is unacceptable in the journalism industry and creates issues with the public. False information is dangerous and can cause issues within the community which is why one of the journalistic morals is to never publish false or misleading information. News agencies must do their research to obtain real information and real facts to bring to the publics’ eye. All it takes is one misleading mistake and you’ll lose credibility within the industry, mainstream media has effectively done this and in-turn a lot of individuals don’t trust them anymore.

Real image snapshot from live television, KCAL 9 News makes a huge mistake on live television which was pretty hilarious. The snapshot was taken by Frank W.

It’s important for us to clarify that not all mainstream media news outlets are discredited or not trustworthy but there is a lot of bad apples in the journalism industry. Please be careful of what news sources that you trust, do your research, and only follow and watch REAL news.

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