Data Mining In 2021- Many Companies Do It

The image above was created by freelance journalist Frank West.

Destiny Allajandra

Investigative Journalist

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 06:00 pm pst

Data mining in 2021 has been on-going massively, social media companies such as Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and many more are using analytic software to analyze and store our digital data. While we surf our time-line or news-feed these social media apps are quietly mining and storing our digital data in the background. These software companies create analytical software and sell it to businesses for a pretty penny, some of these companies include Sisense, Oracle Data Mining, IBM Cognos, DOMO, RapidMiner, KNIME Analytics Platform, Orange Data Mining, and Dundas BI plus many more. Digital data is the new gold and it sells to third parties for a plentiful amount, these “digital data analyst’s” make around $60,000 a year just to analyze the data. Now imagine how much the actual company makes, millions! These data-mining companies claim that they do this for “marketing purposes” but what a lot of people don’t know is that our digital data has a lot of personal information inside of it that if it falls into the wrong hands can cause security issues and breaches. The third-party companies, for example, Facebook and Instagram can then use and sell our data they mined using the data analytic software that they bought.

So, how do we combat these invasive tactics that social media apps use? First, we need a valid and trustworthy VPN, the top VPNs include ProtonVPN and NortonVPN. These two companies are trustworthy, they have high privacy standards and they never log any information or location. We can help minimize the amount of data that the social media apps can obtain by using a VPN and running all of our traffic through an encrypted tunnel which is what VPNs do. More advanced computer users can also use a proxy chain while the VPN is active to help further anonymity and making it harder for the “data miners” to get our data. While using a VPN ensure you’ve activated the kill switch and DNS leak protection to prevent any further exposure to data mining apps and/or software. Now, it’s important to know that these data miners are invasive and unfortunately we can not stop it 100% we can only prevent, mitigate and manipulate their processes and strategies.

We hope that this article can help further awareness to the public and hopefully help at least one person. It’s important to realize that it’s not a conspiracy anymore, it is already out in the public and no one hides it. These companies think that it’s ok to steal our data for financial gains, they place it in their privacy policy in small print and call it “legal”. Please do your best to mitigate and prevent these companies from stealing your data.

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