Astronomers Discover A New Super Earth Exo Planet

Image created by investigative journalist Frank W.

Destiny Allajandra

Investigative Journalist

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 02:00pm pst

A new super-Earth exoplanet has been discovered by astronomers last week, these space watchers are now calling the newly discovered exoplanet “TOI-561b”. Astronomers believe that TOI-561B is a metal-poor planet and is believed to be located in the Milky-Way. Not only did they discover another super-Earth but astronomers also discovered two more planets orbiting the same star, amazing!

The Astronomical Journal has published the study and it was presented to the astronomy community at its 237th meeting at The American Astronomical Society. Astronomers were able to discover the new super-Earth by using a survey satellite known as “TESS”. “TESS” which is an acronym for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, is part of a NASA space program that started in 2018 and is primarily used for hunting and discovering Exo Planets.

With the vast majority of observatories scattered across the United States, astronomers are making new discoveries daily. Whether it be new exoplanets or just monitoring asteroids from afar. These men and women always surprise us with new beautiful discoveries from the cosmos. The advancement in our technology has increased our chances of finding more planets, more galaxies, and hopefully one-day extraterrestrial life forms.

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