The Paranormal Realm & Ghostly Entities

Paranormal picture taken from the search engine.

Saturday, January 16th, 2021 10:50am

Investigative Journalists At Daily News Made Simple

Since the beginning of time humans have wondered if the paranormal and ghosts exists, many scientists and researchers have dug into this topic plenty of times throughout history to prove that it does exist or to disprove it. These individuals researched eye witness accounts and locations to see if there was any truth behind the claims. What researchers found was that more than ninety percent of the claims were highly exaggerated or just plain nonsense but the other ten percent of the claims were unexplainable.

These unexplainable claims included eyewitness accounts and videos of some eery situations that to this day can’t be explained.  Thousands of paranormal researchers (that are everyday people) flock to many haunted locations throughout the United States and the world in search of more evidence that proves the paranormal realm exists. These researchers bring their equipment such as, EMF detectors (electric magnetic frequency), spirit boxes (a device that scans frequencies to intercept any paranormal activity), and much more to try and record evidence of these paranormal encounters. Many of which have recorded some astounding evidence of the paranormal that will leave you baffled. These videos are available to view from YouTube and the internet.

We will probably never know for sure if the paranormal realm exists but one thing is certain, there’s a lot of evidence out there that we may not be alone. Our journalists will be keeping a eye out for more information about the paranormal and extraterrestrial entities as more news develops.

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